Friday, October 1, 2010

Trash Patrol!

Today I went on trash patrol. Now, normally I would be cleaning up my own plot. However, with my plot being exquisite because it is located in the Bunker Nature Center, I went and cleaned up a place by Reed's Lake. It was mostly located behind the East Grand Rapids Middle School soccer field on the shore of a small stretch of shore, where there was quite a bit of trash. My friend, Joyce, and I cleaned this area up, filling one trash bag and starting another by the time we had to leave. One interesting thing that happened was that I got partially caught in a thorn bush. There were also lots of burrs, bushes and trees with dozens of roots. This was a good experience, though next time I might bring gloves. (Pictures will be up soon, they were not taken with my camera so for now I must have a signature.)

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