Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seasonal Changes

For my native Michigan tree, I chose a beautiful big Red Maple. A magnificent sight, it reaches probably at least 30 feet, towering over many of the other trees and its crown spreading in every direction. With a darker colored bark, it explodes with color, as the leaves change almost directly from green to bright, bright red. (I can't collect the leaves because we're not suppose to at Bunker Nature Preserve. So I have lots of pictures.) This is a collection of pictures of seasonal changes of my Red Maple and from around my plot, including the swamp.
Overview of my plot from a far-off distance.

Some of the beautiful wildflowers- amazing that they're still in bloom.

A changing beech tree. It has turned almost completely yellow and the leaves are starting to brown and fall.

Changing treetops and amazing scenery.

The swamp- surprisingly gorgeous.

It was like walking through a sea of gold.

Another view of the swamp and surrounding scenery. 
Magnificent Red Maple.

Backing up to attempt to see the top of the tree...

Leaves changing- they almost change directly from green to red.

Massive stump of the Red Maple.

Capturing the amazing color of the Red Maple.

A Red Maple leaf, with characteristic red stem.

Close up view of the bark of the Red Maple.

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